Those Who Seek God Will Find God (คนที่แสวงหาพระเจ้าจะพบพระเจ้า​)
October 18, 2020

Those Who Seek God Will Find God (คนที่แสวงหาพระเจ้าจะพบพระเจ้า​)

Passage: Deuteronomy 4:29
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From time immemorial of time man has always yearned and sought for God, a god, some gods or any divine being, primarily because man is ruled by the tripartite soul, spirit, and body. The question however is, is man looking in the right direction? Is man searching for the One True God? Is man truly interested in seeking for the Divine One? In today's sermon, Deaconess Sirilux takes us on a biblical journey expositing on how searching for the true God can result in man finding Him, she also shed light on how some attitudes and love of certain things can hold us back. Be Blessed as you listen.

This Sermon was Preached Live @ Divine Favor Center Bangkok Thailand on the 18th, of October 2020

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